Astrid Lindgren’s World, Management


Jocke Johansson, md

Managing Director
Joacim Johansson


Theatre Manager and vice MD
Mia Thelin


Sales and Marketing Manager
Lena Möller

Park Manager
Niclas Wallander

HR Manager
Linnéa Hindvik

Shop Manager
Ove Olsson

Food and Beverage Manager
Sara Hedblom

Finance Manager
Per Sigvardsson

Astrid Lindgrens Värld AB is an independent limited company owned by Salikon AB  (90%) and the Municipality of Vimmerby (10%).

Astrid Lindgren’s World, Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
Ulrica Messing, Kosta

Ove Israelsson, Stockholm
Nils Nyman, Stockholm
Mats Wedin, Göteborg
Karin Mattsson-Weijber, Stockholm 
Leif Carlsson, Vimmerby 

Deputy members:
Peter Högberg, Vimmerby
Anders Lindgren, Stockholm